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NC Forensic Crime Lab responds to “exaggerated” and “false” article citing “corruption.”

Crime labs’ reputations and credibility questions continue to be deliberated in the US and the international press. Writers seldom have substantial knowledge of forensic science, but they have little problem using data from FOIA demands and other public information to … Continue reading

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Forensics: Forensic Dentistry at #USC Ostrow School of Dentistry

Some dentist named Bowers. Also, kudos to USC Ostrow Professors Nan Mulligan and Glenn Clark for funding the USC Special Patients Clinic in perpetuity. Fight On. Beat Stanford.

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In the Forensic News: Paleoanthropologists and Archeobiologists run amuck

A brief look at what exaggerating science in the news media brings to mind. I have noticed some of this trend in commerical-connected forensic news releases and desperate believers in outdated or debunked forensic techniques. I clearly remember a nearly … Continue reading

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European Body Farm Project faces some naysayers but supporters are seeking answers

Nothing divides a community more than an outdoor display of decaying human remains. Academicians are stimulated, but the neighbors not so much. Teaching taphonomy and bug science (think maggots, beetles and flies) can be smelly, but has its place in … Continue reading

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Neuberger: A Scientific rationale lends depth to legal reasoning but vice versa? #Forensics

This is a striking personal account recently given by an English legal gentleman before the Royal Society in London. His career spans formal scientific education, initial research experience, and a professional transition to the law. As of this writing he … Continue reading

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Australia gets rid of unreliable forensic expert’s convictions – So should Mississippi and other states

A long time Australian pathologist who retired in 1995, having recently been given an “unreliable” designation by the Aussie courts, is the subject of extensive re-litigation of many of his past trials. Coincidentally, the Mississippi Supreme Court has ordered another … Continue reading

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Forensic Science Reform Saves Lives

Changing forensic science practices and protocols to a basis of scientific proofs takes years. This one indelible fact reveals how slowly law enforcement, the courts, and “general ¬†acceptance” of established forensic groups adapt to legitimate change. Read about how John … Continue reading

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CSI Gartcosh: Scottish police reveal three forensic breakthroughs

POLICE SCOTLAND’S new crime campus at Gartcosh is turning Scotland into a world leader in the area of forensics, and will help solve more sex crimes and kidnaps. And DNA 24 gives forensic teams more than double the number of … Continue reading

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DC considering tightening rules to combat junk science in its courts

Talk about partisan politics in the judicial system. Washington DC lawyers (plantiffs lawyers of course. They sue people in civil courts mostly on a contingency basis) are whining (lets call it like it is) about the DC judiciary thinking about … Continue reading

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Professor Christophe Champod interacts with famed Scottish forensics center

Lord Advocate: Scotland’s crime campus makes us world leaders in forensic fight against crime A refreshing look at political support for forensic science research and crime investigation using a multi-disciplinary scientific approach. Professor Christophe Champod, from Lausanne, Switzerland, is mentioned … Continue reading

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