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Forensic scientists at UF to evaluate remains from Susy Tomassi case

‘I’m waiting on the (C.A.) Pound lab to tell me what happened to Ms. Tomassi.’ — Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers — Read on http://www.tcpalm.com/story/news/crime/indian-river-county/2023/03/20/forensic-scientists-at-uf-to-evaluate-remains-from-2018-susy-tomassi-case-for-cause-of-death/70021517007/

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Forensics: I wish they would take closeup pix of the dentition. Science Behind Identifying Human Remains

How UNLV anthropologist Jennifer Byrnes is helping improve training for forensic scientists. — Read on http://www.unlv.edu/news/article/science-behind-identifying-human-remains

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Forensics: Brian Laundrie’s bones showed signs of being eaten by wild animals, autopsy reveals

Laundrie’s remains were discovered “scattered” near his backpack on October 20 of last year at Florida’s vast Carlton Reserve. — Read on http://www.yahoo.com/news/brian-laundries-bones-showed-signs-185633179.html

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Forensic Bones: A Guide to Forensic Fractography of Bone

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize the user with the science of fractography and how it can be used to examine and interpret skeletal fractures. Moreover, this guide will acquaint readers with the tools and equipment needed to … Continue reading

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Forensic anthropologist helps police investigate bones found in Casco shed

Maine State Police detectives continue to investigate the recent discovery of skeletal remains in Casco, a process that includes a forensic anthropologist Marcella Sorg who could help uncover clues about the person’s identification. — Read on http://www.unionleader.com/content/tncms/live/

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Forensics: Five Women Lead Renowned Forensic Anthropology Center

A powerful example of teamwork in action. A good read. Im sure Bill Bass is proud. Five Women Lead Renowned Forensic Anthropology Center – News — Read on news.utk.edu/2021/03/26/five-women-lead-nations-top-forensic-anthropology-center/

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A Bravo for Christina Cattanero, leading identification expert for Euro migrants

Giving Dead Migrants a Name By pushing forensics to its limits, a courageous scientist is attempting to identify the badly decomposed remains of 700 people who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea Nearly unspeakable. 20,000 dead in 10 years. This anthropologist … Continue reading

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Forensic Anthro: Computation look at the human pubis for aging unknown remains

There’s always room for a little humor, right? Taking a new look at the changes over time of the two pubic bones. Fundamental work in the pre-digital era done by forensic anthropologist Judy Suchey at the U of Fullerton in … Continue reading

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Anthropology bone measurements studied for data accuracy

An impressive formulative study involving osteometric measurements from multiple examiners across international boundaries. Impressive work and forward thinking regarding ‘shape’ and dimensional accuracy of forensic examiners estimating the age of human remains and other skeletal features. Anthros independently are leading … Continue reading

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Netherlands Forensic Institute ranks high in world-wide successful investigations

I hear that the NFI ( located at the Hague ) also has an excellent physician/forensic anthropologist traveling the world on these cases. I love those loupes! This article highlights the world-wide scope of a national crime lab.  I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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