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Forensic experts identifying war and disaster victims

There is not enough funding to do this properly. Volunteers are commonly not reimbursed. Politicians ignore the dead.

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Netherlands Forensic Institute ranks high in world-wide successful investigations

I hear that the NFI ( located at the Hague ) also has an excellent physician/forensic anthropologist traveling the world on these cases. I love those loupes! This article highlights the world-wide scope of a national crime lab.  I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Grass roots effort to improve justice in 3 Mississippi Counties : Voters and Exoneration Documentary

  Carrington Op-ed From Mississippi The Dispatch What the esteemed MS Law Professor and MS Innocence Project director Tucker Carrington (pictured above) does not say in his opinion piece urging voters to elect a new DA (long term Forrest Allgood is the incumbent and a … Continue reading

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Forensics: GermanWings 320 recovery details

“A team of 50 forensic workers face a daunting scene: a vast stretch of debris scattered over treacherous mountain ridges that can only be accessed with the help of climbing gear and a cadre of mountaineers.” Thus far about 500 … Continue reading

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The use of multi-national forensic recovery experts in the AIR ASIA incident

Note: The first lesson from this specific incident is: DON”T SHOW THE BODY RECOVERY IN FRONT OF THE MEDIA My mass disaster experience is similar with news copters hovering over the ocean recovery site until authorities established prohibited airspace for civilian … Continue reading

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