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Forensics: Trump’s Covid-19 plan: “Irresponsible and Dangerously Reckless.”

Editorial from The New England Journal of Medicine — Dying in a Leadership Vacuum — Read on

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Forensic retaliation: Coronavirus Russia: Infected forensics expert falls to death brings total count to 3 female doctors dead and one male with brain injuries.

The obvious linkage is their public comments to the press about the pandemic. The one still living was coerced to recant immediately after regaining consciousness. Tragic and classic example of why Trump emulates the Russian totalitarian leader. Lt Col Natalya … Continue reading

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Autopsy Offers New Details On the Death of A Guatemalan Migrant Child

Autopsy Offers New Details On the Death of A Guatemalan Migrant Child — Read on Pathologists reviewing this and other migrant children deaths include @drjudymelinek. Physical and medical neglect of these innocent children is abhorent and are classic human … Continue reading

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Humanitarian efforts of forensic experts studying Holocaust sites as crime scenes.

Looking into the Holocaust recovery as forensic investigations. Article. Opine piece about forensics not being able to prevent wrongful convictions. That, to say the least, is debatable. Faulty or misleading forensics is a major factor in causation. Article. Police ‘use … Continue reading

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