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SF Police Chief Loses a $2M grant for rape kits. His Crime lab is “maxed out.” Plus Murder around the world.

S.F. Police Chief Greg Suhr during a news conference speaks about an audit of the crime lab’s DNA unit, which has come under fire for faking results, as well as other police misconduct, at the Hall of Justice, Friday, April … Continue reading

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#Forensic #Science: “Locard’s Exchange Principle” takes a hit from a New Jersey DA overwhelmed by #DNA #Exoneration

The scientific sleuths form the past and present must be rolling over in their condominiums. See Richardson. The transfer of physical or biological material between two separate sources (in biology think spitting on your hands before swinging at a baseball … Continue reading

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Forensic Dentistry: Examination of Elder and Child Abuse

A presentation showing population data and clinical cases of physical abuse on elders and children. The material has been used in the forensic science curricula at the University of Southern California Ostrow School of Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA USA. … Continue reading

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