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Forensics: Mexico’s drug war leaves 39,000 unidentified bodies in its morgues

This is horrible. Investigation by Quinto Elemento Labs finds alarming number of people buried in common graves — Read on

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Forensics: Looking at bone diagenesis. Anthro science at its best. A re-evaluation of manner of death at Roman Herculaneum following the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius | Antiquity | Cambridge Core

Opposition to this new method claim that the victims had their brains turned into glass. Really? “A re-evaluation of manner of death at Roman Herculaneum following the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius” – Volume 94 Issue 373 – Rachelle Martyn, … Continue reading

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A Bravo for Christina Cattanero, leading identification expert for Euro migrants

Giving Dead Migrants a Name By pushing forensics to its limits, a courageous scientist is attempting to identify the badly decomposed remains of 700 people who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea Nearly unspeakable. 20,000 dead in 10 years. This anthropologist … Continue reading

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Netherlands Forensic Institute ranks high in world-wide successful investigations

I hear that the NFI ( located at the Hague ) also has an excellent physician/forensic anthropologist traveling the world on these cases. I love those loupes! This article highlights the world-wide scope of a national crime lab.  I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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SF Police Chief Loses a $2M grant for rape kits. His Crime lab is “maxed out.” Plus Murder around the world.

S.F. Police Chief Greg Suhr during a news conference speaks about an audit of the crime lab’s DNA unit, which has come under fire for faking results, as well as other police misconduct, at the Hall of Justice, Friday, April … Continue reading

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Another forensic disaster : secret forensic “science”experts allowed to coerce crime suspects into plea deals.

  I am rarely shocked about nefarious dealings or subterfuge in the ecosystem of forensic ‘science’ and the criminal justice arena. But I just read that a police department has a cadre of 3 “anonymous” dentists in Indianapolis, Indiana, who provide … Continue reading

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The use of multi-national forensic recovery experts in the AIR ASIA incident

Note: The first lesson from this specific incident is: DON”T SHOW THE BODY RECOVERY IN FRONT OF THE MEDIA My mass disaster experience is similar with news copters hovering over the ocean recovery site until authorities established prohibited airspace for civilian … Continue reading

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