Thanks to Drs Janice Klimm and Rick Cardoza – Taking Care of Bill Richards’ Smile After 23 yrs in prison

Bill Richards was arrested for the murder of his wife Pamela in 1993 and eventually convicted in 1997 after three trials in California’s San Bernardino County. A linchpin for his last trial was testimony by two forensic dentists who talked … Continue reading

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Bitemark victim Keith Harward talks to lame duck Forensic Science Commission

An ironic event occurred at the last meeting of the NCFS meeting in DC. Exoneree Keith Harward told them not to give up despite AG Sessions is taking all forensic science reform under his prosecutorial “wing.” Click pic to see … Continue reading

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#CA12 Bill Richards sues San Bernardino as its DA controls state compensation board

Bill Richards also has years of medical neglect and medical malpractice by the California Department of Corrections and ‘Rehabilitation’ to deal with in addition to the incarceration compensation. Getting restitution from the state compensation board can still be  a non-starter and only allows … Continue reading

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Course syllabus for detecting science frauds, jerks and poseurs among us

Sherlock would be proud. Take the time to read down this U of Washington course outline on “bullshit” detection in academia and society in general. The online class is closed but plans for expansion are promised. New article from StatNews. … Continue reading

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Making American Safer One Bite at a Time? – Media strikes at #AAFS2017 #AAFS

Here’s another counterpoint to the few bitemarkers still standing (most likely around one to two dozen ppl in total) trying to re-brand their position as being forensically credible at the annual meeting of the “influential” American Academy of Forensic Sciences … Continue reading

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Musings of the bitemarkers while at #AAFS2017 in NOLA

Its always so thrilling to read about certain bitemarker oral presentations at the annual American Academy meetings. Some of this tribe’s upstanding founders and veterans bring out their guns to profess what they can do. It’s also an always impressive … Continue reading

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Bitemarkers double-down with a “pay-to-play” membership drive #AAFS2017

The on-going American Academy of Forensic Science meeting in New Orleans is a wealth of information on how its varied membership and disciplines manage their little fiefdoms every year. The bitemarkers (American Board of Forensic Odontology) membership numbers are dwindling. … Continue reading

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#AAFS2017 Man Wrongfully Convicted Trashes Bitemarkers at Nat’l Convention

Keith Harward ‘lashes out” at bitemark dentists who mis-identified him from a bruise pattern on a rape and victim. He does this at the biggest forensic meeting held this year in New Orleans. Generally, there are over 300 ‘forensic’ dentists … Continue reading

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#AAFS 2017 : Watch out for the ‘ATTACK of the bite mark matchers’ in NOLA

Have a look at this in depth  Washington Post series about certain ‘scientific’ AAFS members who will be showing off their wares in the Odontology Section this week. This is a small bunch of believers. Two Odontology members, Cynthia Brzozowki … Continue reading

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We are entering the Twilight Zone: Bitemarks can now prove innocence?

No one escapes the Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone is an American television anthology series created by Rod Serling. The episodes are in various genres, including psychological horror………. The Politics of Forensics in the US is Alive and Well. Here are … Continue reading

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