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Taking a look at open access forensic science research data – To Be Determined

This article has to do with graduate and undergraduate forensic research papers and data which were made available in a UK trial project which was recently unfunded. A new proposal following the same theme now includes commercial, law enforcement and … Continue reading

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From mere suggestion, to simple research, to accurate “forensics” in 2 days – Hair II

New Hair Testing Technique Can Accurately Predict a Criminal’s Personal Traits The time line of promoting forensic research into actual use in criminal investigation seems to be incredibly rapid when reading media reports. It all started on Tuesday with this … Continue reading

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Anthropology bone measurements studied for data accuracy

An impressive formulative study involving osteometric measurements from multiple examiners across international boundaries. Impressive work and forward thinking regarding ‘shape’ and dimensional accuracy of forensic examiners estimating the age of human remains and other skeletal features. Anthros independently are leading … Continue reading

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