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Crime lab scandals advance to over 10,000 cases and increased investigation of multiple labs

Forensics ‘data manipulation’ may have affected 10000 cases The Guardian An investigation into alleged data manipulation at a forensics laboratory has identified more than 10,000 cases which may have been affected, the National Police Chiefs’ Council has said. Forensic experts started reviewing cases after concerns … Continue reading

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DA agrees to exoneration after 23 years – Kansas has no compensation statute

False eyewitness testimony put him in prison. The DA said original case lacked evidence that now is available. “Nobody thought it would happen this fast.”

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Sessions perverting the course of justice and Two guys in the Suffolk – Norfolk gaol

Suffolk authorities and national police chiefs update the effect of bogus work in the Lancaster crime lab.  USAG Sessions goes commando as he institutes 1990’s draconian sentencing for serious crimes including drug use. This has incredible economic and social impact. … Continue reading

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Who will pay Bill Richards for 23 years in prison? Answer: California taxpayers

The Richards’ Bitemark Here is the latest video about how Bill Richards was rounded up and convicted of murdering his wife in 1993. DNA said otherwise and also debunked a litany of shoddy forensic work by the San Bernardino Sheriffs … Continue reading

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Forensics: Making sure your employer get paid regardless…….

An insider look about genetic ‘counselors’ selling imperfect testing services and exaggerating results in order to stay employed. Hmm, the same might be said for police using junk drug testing kits from Kmart.  https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/03/05/when-baby-due-genetic-counselors-seen-downplaying-false-alarms/bBC0KAFVidJASkkOiMg6DI/story.html

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Witness a total breakdown of justice in these arguments about Dookhin lab scandal

The MA Supremes are quivering about what kind of ‘justice’ defendants to massive crime lab fraud monumental scale deserve after 4 years after this became public. The link requires a non fee “signup” to the Boston Globe. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/11/16/sjc-hear-arguments-dookhan-crime-lab-scandal/bIg0k9QwoKg3lfsopqKTCM/story.html From the … Continue reading

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A real bad day…Judge tells Texas state forensic examiner to stop testifying in DWI case

Texas has a mish-mash of regional crime labs which cross pollinate into counties without a dedicated facility. Some are accredited by the ASCLD. Here is its’ police and commercial lab corporation’s approved list of Texas labs. I don’t see Collins County … Continue reading

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How “professional” scientific journals become shills for the bottom dollar

  All unSound Science Deserves to Be Pun[Publ]ished PLOS ONE gives researchers a faster path to publishing in a high-quality peer-reviewed journal. All work that reaches rigorous technical and ethical standards is published and freely and immediately available to everyone. … Continue reading

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Look into why #Prop66 is a load of prosecutorial crap – False confessions by kids after interrogations

San Bernardino District Attorney @MichaelRamos stumps for California Prop 66. “One analysis of 44 proven false-confession cases revealed that more than a third of the interrogations lasted six to 12 hours, many lasted between 12 and 24 hours, and the … Continue reading

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Forensic look at death penalty statistics: 25% of exonerated were on Death Row

A 2013 infographic study by the California Innocence Project puts the cost in California at a staggering $4 billion since 1978. Statistics contained in this report, when overlayed with the national increase of exonerations ( now at 1793) , in the … Continue reading

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