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The dawn of US forensic science had a few peculiar bedfellows

  Taking at look at 1904 to the present regarding science and non-science accepted as such. Includes SBS, phrenology, eugenics, gun powder, bullet lead, ear prints, fiber, bitemark and hair matchers. Law professors Saks and Koehler urge that its “time … Continue reading

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John Lentini on underpaid and under ‘scienced’ arson investigators; Bad ballistics and fingerprints in Omaha

From the man who is bringing arson investigations into a science-based method using chemistry, physics, thermodynamics and testing. Unfortunately there are hiccups in finding  $ and any police who have a science background. Full article. Omaha prosecutor warns defense attorneys about … Continue reading

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Forensic experts take on the NAS concerns about fingerprint examiners’ disagreement.

Fingerprint Examiners Found to Have Very Low Error Rates {By a group of 109 government fingerprint experts Investigations into the reliability of fingerprint matches continues. This news release from a NIJ funded project states a strong position for its reliability … Continue reading

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Good forensic science. Bad forensic science. Dangerous forensic science. Plus other stuff.

Today’s New York Times exclusive on the failure of bitemark identification resurging in a MS death penalty case. “Startling gap between “CSI” and certain forensic science.” PBS Nova program. KY: Prosecutor’s office focus of criticism from defendant. ADA lied to judge … Continue reading

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Forensic in Focus: From Witch hunts, criminal justice to some not so real forensic science.

Proof that CJ is not “always right.” TN exoneration joins growing number of innocence cases. Bitemarks included. 1 of 25 are innocent. Prosecutorial misconduct in Japan. Japan’s Authoritarian Criminal Justice System. Tells the Facts, Names the Names  The American Board … Continue reading

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Forensics in Focus @csidds | March 10 | very eclectic list today

March 10, 2014 Forensics in Focus  Don’t forget I tweet @csidds on all sorts of issues and events. FORENSICS: National disaster of untested rape kits. Celebrity interest in this forensic disaster that affects thousands and thousand of crime victims FORENSICS: MN. … Continue reading

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