Forensics in Focus @csidds | March 10 | very eclectic list today

March 10, 2014 Forensics in Focus  Don’t forget I tweet @csidds on all sorts of issues and events.

FORENSICS: National disaster of untested rape kits. Celebrity interest in this forensic disaster that affects thousands and thousand of crime victims

FORENSICS: MN. $500K pays for 600 cold case tests. 400K untested US rape kits = $400 – 500M.

Australia: Besides having a raging drought, crime lab has a slow ballistics’ turnaround in a jurisiction named WAGGA

Personal stories of people dedicated to achieving a more balanced and fair US criminal justice system. 

Back from the Dead. Conn Crime Lab Humming After Years Of Disarray . Uh, new manager is from Boston’s crime lab. He left in 2012.

Your US tax money for prosecutors, prisons, marshals, a little for defense attorneys, law enforcement, public safety, a blip for forensic research and Abrams tanks.

MS cold DNA case. Only evidence indicating physical contact. “DNA can’t determine when and how it was transferred.”

FLA death penalty law very broad. One DA outpaces all others x 5.

DAs object to vigorous public ‘confrontation” by Judge Kozinski. They would prefer a less media available forum.

State oversight hoped on rape cases in W.Va. as legislature passes bill to monitor evidence 

No militia means more intrusive law enforcement: Column

Incoming! Backyard ‘bang bang’ ranges Ok in FLA.

nonSWAT: Unsolved US murders = 200K. Increases 6K a year. Local LEOs manage most all investigations.

SWAT: Good shoot. Officers Cleared in Columbia City SWAT Shooting Inquest

FORENSICS: Inter-agency research on sequential vs simultaneous suspect presentation to eye wits. 

FORENSICS: FLA buggy Motorola fingerprint ID system in disarray – Cost$$$

77 yo MD selling drug samples gets convicted and probation.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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