Forensics in Focus @ CSIDDS| March 6 | We’ve busted through 4,000 visits and views !!

March 6, 2014.

To date we have received over 4,000 views in the 8 months since being first published. Thanks to all of you for following!! There are also, 900+ tweets from @csidds that form a daily adjunct to this blog.

A true tragedy exposes the back room deceit in the Todd Willingham arson execution in TX. Described in this article as  a “smoking pistol.”

Notable repostings of FiF articles

“A breath of fresh air” about bitemarks. From the Charles Smith blog site in Canada. He references  a “Forensics in Focus”  article.

Forensic experts

Wily and cunning experts in the UK better watch out. Judges boot out those who do nothing more than guess.

Crime lab woes continue 

Prosecutors promise thorough review of still active cases involving a state crime lab worker caught stealing drugs from FDLE facility. Older cases may take alot longer. Defense attorney has doubts regarding thoroughness of this unilateral process and assurances of “full disclosure.”

” Drowning” crime lab. 

Want to “whistle-blow” about a crime lab? You might want to read this.

Mass. crime lab fiasco will “never happen again.”

Costs to taxpayers for wrongful convictions: in various states


Chump change from WI. 

You can earn $100 a day for wrongful incarceration in Wyoming.  What’s that, $4.75 an hour?

Your tax money for prosecutors, a little for defense attorneys, law enforcement, public safety, a blip for forensic research and Abrams tanks. 

2015 proposed Obama budget for DOJ reaches $24.7 billion.

The  First Amendment in action. Equal opportunity membership. 

KKK recruiter in Florida (video)

“Dirty Harry” in China.

Swat leader states he took out five attackers in 15 seconds.

The single perp theory of crime lab malfeasance. 

Something to speculate about the “bad apple” defense in action once again.  “A chemist who admitted faking test results in criminal cases was the “sole bad actor” in a scandal that forced the shutdown of a state drug lab in Boston, but the facility also was plagued by management failures, inadequate training and a lack of protocols, a report released Tuesday found.” The first says its all Annie’s fault. 

The second says “not so fast.”

Research ?

“New” dental aging technique in Australia for illegals, etc. This is a typical example of a promotion type report that has nothing in it but the researchers glowing aspirations of success. The standard deviations with these technique average more than + or – 2 years.

News: various

MN: Crime lab links gun DNA to dead suspect’s other crimes. 

South Africa: Oscar Pistorius trial started on Monday. Expect a tornado of opposing expert testimony in the  headlines. Mostly on ballistics an “reconstructionists.”

Exonerated for rape after being convicted at 15, this man’s case legally closed. His life’s problems are not.

This guy didn’t see the latest “CSI” show. “While in custody Ortiz mutilated his fingers with a razor blade and burned his hands in a misguided attempt to ruin prints after they were already taken, sources said.”

Effects of prosecutorial misconduct. 

Prisoner still in jail for escape gets separate claim  for $ damages for exoneration rejected.  

Remembering a wrongful conviction from Texas. 

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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