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Grant money to test DNA from dubious convictions probably will dry up with Trump

The costs of uncovering wrongful convictions are expensive. All innocence projects and criminal defense organizations require substantial donations to pursue the few cases they glean from thousands of requests from the public and inmates. Each case like the one mentioned … Continue reading

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Waiting on Sessions to steer Forensics on course for a ……..

Forensics and science progress are surely interlopers to the minds of ‘tough’ prosecutors like Mr. Sessions. Some States are following his trends by limiting post conviction appeals to a mere 5 years under the guise of  “Fair Justice Act(s).” Counter … Continue reading

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Crime lab mess redux: Now it’s Alaska’s $90M boondoggle

These stories just keep coming ……. It seems the public’s confidence in the  “theory(ies) of crime detection” appears to be eroding from top ( governmental PCAST deniers) to the bottom. Take your pick on the bottom. Wanna try “Making a … Continue reading

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The cost of Austin crime lab failure reaches $6.5 – $14 million estimates

Regardless of the politicians assurances, this taxpayer cost will surely go up to  include whatever additional legal costs that occur over the propose next five years. Its 12 years worth of crime lab cases. So far, no one has blamed … Continue reading

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The Nor Cal Innocence Project’s costs to cleanup ONE wrongful conviction

Of course, many DAs in this state do not believe that such things like convicting the innocent occurs. That’s the direct implication of their successful death penalty bill that won 52-48 percent of CA voters. Read the numbers about how … Continue reading

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CBSLA: Bill Richards broke and ill after 23 years in prison – WrongConvBlog

CBS Los Angeles: Bill Richards, Freed After 23 Years For A Murder He Didn’t Commit Tells His Story… Only four  months ago, he walked out of a Rancho Cucamonga prison, 23 years after he was convicted of murdering his wife, … Continue reading

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$9.2 Million Awarded in Wrongful Conviction that Underscores FBI Forensic Problems

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
February 28, 2015 – Yesterday Washington D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal E. Kravitz ordered $9.2 million be paid by the District to Kirk L. Odom, 52, in compensation for more than 21 years of…

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Forensics in Focus @ CSIDDS| March 6 | We’ve busted through 4,000 visits and views !!

March 6, 2014. To date we have received over 4,000 views in the 8 months since being first published. Thanks to all of you for following!! There are also, 900+ tweets from @csidds that form a daily adjunct to this … Continue reading

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