Crime lab mess redux: Now it’s Alaska’s $90M boondoggle

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These stories just keep coming ……. It seems the public’s confidence in the  “theory(ies) of crime detection” appears to be eroding from top ( governmental PCAST deniers) to the bottom. Take your pick on the bottom. Wanna try “Making a Murderer,” Shaken Baby Syndrome, messed up DNA mixtures, Annie Doohkin or bitemarks?


The “state of the art” crime lab is doing less with more, said the report, based on an investigation by the Division of Legislative Audit conducted in 2016.

“There are fewer services provided after construction of the crime lab than were available prior to construction,” said the report, released Friday. Wait times for evidence test results are not much shorter than they used to be, auditors found.

Untested evidence is still piled up: When auditors visited the crime lab in July 2016, they found that some 74 percent of sexual assault evidence kits had been awaiting testing for more than 30 days. There were long delays in analyzing DNA evidence.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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