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Is this ‘fixing’ forensic science? Judge says police crime lab ‘blew it’

In a manner of speaking a judge said that in Boston….. It was that damned news media using that phrase, not the government agency that messed this up. Here is a prime example what is wrong about not requiring police … Continue reading

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Crime lab mess redux: Now it’s Alaska’s $90M boondoggle

These stories just keep coming ……. It seems the public’s confidence in the ¬†“theory(ies) of crime detection” appears to be eroding from top ( governmental PCAST deniers) to the bottom. Take your pick on the bottom. Wanna try “Making a … Continue reading

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Prosecutors dragging their feet on uncovering extent of years long crime lab scandal

In part, the crime lab scientist stole, used and messed with drugs while employed at the crime lab since….. “An interim report by state Assistant Attorney General Thomas Caldwell said, “Ms. Farak began using controlled substances regularly in the last … Continue reading

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Look-back and breaking news on why crimes labs should have independent oversight

This all blows opposite to what the cop crime labs are saying and its a good thing. Here’s the latest from California about botched lab false-positive semen testing results that goes back decades. A hearsay statement has the Santa Clara … Continue reading

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After scandals, Omaha campaign includes move to an independent crime lab

Publicity about police crime lab goofs or worse do have a negative effect on confidences in lab enforcement’s activities. Politics in Omaha includes its’¬†forensic lab. Related: Independent crime labs could help stop forensic fraud The coming fight over independent crime … Continue reading

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Crime lab driving while drunk expert gets the boot.

North Texas Forensic Scientist Removed from Cases http://www.wbap.com/2016/10/31/north-texas-forensic-scientist-removed-from-cases/ Related info. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2016/10/14/thousands-dwi-cases-potentially-risk-credibility-dps-lab-expert-questioned

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Forensic Bias Redux: Execution vacated. Internal crime lab safeguards blew it.

Colleagues had doubts and concerns. The cops and supervisors loved her work. She admits to be a bit histrionic in and out of the job. The state’s AG has no concerns. Recently the governor and one judge pulled back from … Continue reading

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