Forensic in Focus: From Witch hunts, criminal justice to some not so real forensic science.

Proof that CJ is not “always right.” TN exoneration joins growing number of innocence cases. Bitemarks included. 1 of 25 are innocent.

Prosecutorial misconduct in Japan. Japan’s Authoritarian Criminal Justice System. Tells the Facts, Names the Names 

The American Board of Forensic Odontology should be required to meet these standards. The American Academy of Forensic Sciences keeps giving them a pass. Not much longer, I hope. Some doubt exists. See further down this list.

Smithsonian lends help. Wisconsin authorities hope bone fragment from cold case will help solve 19-year-old mystery

30K federal drug convictions up for clemency review by US DOJ and Obama. Strict prereqs for eligibility.

Prosecutors Suppress Inconvenient Evidence in Death Penalty Cases | The Open File  via @radleybalko

Doubts on the capabilities of the NIST/Joint Forensic Commissions to do much of anything.

Witch hunts of the past seem strangely relevant today. 

Disingeuous argument supporting having a crime lab in every local jurisdiction. Considers “crime lab sharing” a risk to public safety. Total tripe.

Ballistic “fingerprints” metaphor still in use. Aren’t fingerprints only unique on a 10 print card? How about latent prints?  Not so much.

Alert: Flawed Forensics – TV Series from Al Jazeera America Examining the US Justice System  via @WrongConvBlog

Presumed Innocent. College class on social science of wrongful conviction. Similar should be mandatory for the AAFS. …

Higher court said Prosecutor’s death expert was “tainted.” Asks judge to allow another appeal.

Grave find may be early false tooth. With gum disease. …

San Francisco ADA prosecuted DUI offenders while DUI offending himself… multiple times. …

97% of accused plead out. Read how innocent ppl confess to crime. …

TX overturns 1 of every 3 child abuse cases brought by their CPS. 

Two exonerated attempting to get payment.Douglas County and crime lab insurer sued for damages.–Murdock-Murders-Lawsuit … via @therepublicnews







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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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