Real talk about forensics and real science: ex AAFS president is interested about forensic mistakes, DNA from bitemarks, + more.

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Real science POV. Forcing Change In Forensic Science. … via @cenmag

A world apart is the blather coming out of the US American Board of Forensic Odontology about “bad apples” causing  all their bitemark misidentifications.   This is combined with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences ignoring the endemic nature of how many of its members are involved. 

FBI Crime Lab Whistleblower Featured on “The System with Joe Berlinger” | Whistleblower Protection Blog   Tweeted by ex-AAFS president Barry Fischer. The show is on this Sunday.

Man shot with tranquilliser dart at Tenerife zoo ‘was not wearing gorilla suit’ – via @Telegraph (for comic relief).

Swabbing bitemarks for DNA? First case was in 1997 in British Columbia and 1999 published by Canadian DNA innovators David Sweet OC and and GG Schuler which proved its capability. New case of a murder victim found in bath with bite marks  via @ksdknews

The failure of dental bitemark experts to reach scientific standards. accompanied with other forensic topics. 

Typical cowboy forensics news release. All about dating fingerprints. Nothing about validation. From NL. …

Lawyers: DNA tests show Minn. serial killer Billy Glaze innocent … via @kare11

The vagaries of “forensic science” abilities to scientifically admit their mistakes and protect public safety. …

WV Court always likes a good confession over DNA anyday. Saves the state $$$.…

Took only 6 years for a DA to give up on this exon. Man exonerated for rape added to growing registry… via @sfgate

Fatally Flawed and a Travesty. Shoddy death investigations can miss murders, cost lives …

Socio-economic effects of mass arrests. This Fugitive Life 





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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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