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Forensics: False positives revealed. Fingerprint database error rates seen in close non‐matches – Koehler – 2021 – Journal of Forensic Sciences @The_AAFS

Too bad this is pay-for-view. Abstract only. Jay Koehler has a remarkable ability to record the weak underbelly of forensic claims of reliability. Fingerprinters clearly used the self-assurances of being error-free. Just like the bitemarkers of AAFS/ABFO. At least the … Continue reading

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A partial look at fingerprint error distribution : False Exclusions only studied

I do think ‘false positives’ have been eradicated from police crime lab vernacular. This FSI article went after “false negatives’ as they say their literature is all about ‘individuation.’ Seems a bit non-sequitor to me as their study is in … Continue reading

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Fingerprints tell the tale – Bitemarks are a forensic joke

These prints have no relationship to the above case. A bitemark that still has J Kunco  in prison for a over a quarter of a century. Two pictures of one bitemark. Taken at different times. The bitemark experts recently restated … Continue reading

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Forensics: Looking at attempts to age fingerprints in US court cases – FSI Journal

Meet “Freddie the Fingerprint” Reviewing the actual courtroom testimony of forensic experts is clearly the way to suggest “reforms” and to publish how examiners approach their “science” in diverse ways. Sound familiar? Pathology. Bitemarks. An interesting look at what goes … Continue reading

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Fingerprint device captures prints as person walks past

Commerical press release lacks much depth but suggests interesting privacy implications with this just FBI approved optical printing system. “Each ANDI OTG system instantly captures four fingerprints from an individual as they walk past the device.” Im not sure what the … Continue reading

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John Lentini on underpaid and under ‘scienced’ arson investigators; Bad ballistics and fingerprints in Omaha

From the man who is bringing arson investigations into a science-based method using chemistry, physics, thermodynamics and testing. Unfortunately there are hiccups in finding  $ and any police who have a science background. Full article. Omaha prosecutor warns defense attorneys about … Continue reading

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