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Talking forensic heads ignore the dental evidence in London tower disaster

The Grenfell Tower disaster.¬† The medical side of forensics talks about DNA being the cornerstone for potential identification. He does admit that teeth are highly resistant to total destruction in high temperature environments but misses the obvious dental identification material … Continue reading

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Russian #7K9268 shoot down victims’ DNA will be compared to family reference specimens : No odontology

Its strange that the Russian officials reportedly will not include odontology (forensic dentistry) in this human recovery event. Dentistry is included in forensic protocols throughout the world. ¬†Considering the high fragmentation of the passengers and crew’s remains, the Russian government … Continue reading

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Forensics: GermanWings 320 recovery details

“A team of 50 forensic workers face a daunting scene: a vast stretch of debris scattered over treacherous mountain ridges that can only be accessed with the help of climbing gear and a cadre of mountaineers.” Thus far about 500 … Continue reading

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