Peter Neufeld on broken forensics needing a fix. SFO Police lab keeps coming up short. This time its DNA:

“According to testimony and evidence revealed in a trial late last year, the analyst allegedly filled in the gaps in poor-quality, incomplete genetic evidence. She generated two complete genetic profiles, and both were sent off as definitive test results to the state’s offender tracking database, something that would not have been allowed with the original, lower-quality DNA evidence.” Full article.

One thirds of all murders in US go unsolved. Decades ago, murder clearance rates were 90%. Factors discussed. Maybe too much money going to pot busts?  Full article

“Can’t fix the system’s use of forensic science without fixing the science.” By Peter Neufeld. Major examples he uses includes the 2 dozen failed cases performed by  the AAFS’s  forensic dentistry’s elite bitemark experts. 

Ex-AAFS president Barry Fisher has a thing to say about better truthtelling by experts who rarely expound on the weaknesses of their “expertism.” He says it would give judges a better chance to catch the “quacks.” A read of Peter Neufeld’s op-ed clarifies why Mr. Fisher’s “explain it better” method would not reach the 95% of criminal cases which use plea deals to avoid trial.



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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