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Recuse San Bernardino’s DA Mike Ramos from pursuing a free Bill Richards

Its been 10 days since his abrupt release from state prison to an overnight stay at the San Bernardino West Valley Detention Center to then walking free into the California desert heat.  Bill Richards now is processing his new life in … Continue reading

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San Bernardino DA shows his continued wish to re-convict Bill Richards @CA_Innocence

In this local SB article, San Berdoo’s Deputy DA Risley shows the “finality of guilt” still lives in his mind regardless of the junk science he constructed to convict Bill Richards’ in his 1997 trial. His continued efforts shows a … Continue reading

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‘Vindictive Prosecution’ hangs over DA reluctant to not recharge Bill Richards

Today’s article from Jordan Smith at The Intercept provides history and new developments to Bill Richards’ 23 year journey from a murder conviction to freedom despite District Attorney Mike Ramos unerringly “stupid” threats of re-investigating Richards for the murder of … Continue reading

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Advancing forensic science by the California Supreme Court took 7 years

A “unique bitemark” proved Bill Richards’ guilt 2016 Seven years after being exonerated and 23 years in prison, Bill Richards, due to the CA SC’s most recent opinion, now waits in jail. The DA of San Bernardino County has 60 days … Continue reading

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Support The Innocence Project – Oppose #Junk #Forensic #Science in Court -See the Cases

THE SOLUTION COMES FIRST Support the Innocence Project efforts to educate US law enforcement, trial and appellate judiciary about the danger of junk bitemark forensic evidence. There are at least 3 university-based affiliates of the Innocence Project Network that are actively … Continue reading

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Efforts to rid court system of outdated and flawed forensic “expertise”

Old Convictions, New Science Texas tackles debunked forensics. This legislative process in Texas reflects how the monolithic (i.e huge) US criminal justice system “repairs” itself. I use the word “repair” very loosely in that people have to be injured, killed … Continue reading

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BACK to Supreme Court to test new law on forensic ‘science’

A remarkably sad, infuriating  and frustrating ordeal one man in California prison has experienced for 22 years is winding up in intensity. William Richards’ 1997 murder conviction in San Bernardino had been overturned by a habeas corpus hearing in 2010, … Continue reading

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False forensic bitemark case gets another CA high court look

William Richards’ newest attempt for freedom centers on this application of a new law expecting the judiciary to know something about junk forensic science. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-bite-mark-court-20150318-story.html

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