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Efforts to rid court system of outdated and flawed forensic “expertise”

Old Convictions, New Science Texas tackles debunked forensics. This legislative process in Texas reflects how the monolithic (i.e huge) US criminal justice system “repairs” itself. I use the word “repair” very loosely in that people have to be injured, killed … Continue reading

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Allegations of Crime Lab planting evidence may not be enough for reversal of conviction

Planted evidence from a Crime lab (the OJ defense) is not the magic bullet for everyone arguing innocence. Forensic misconduct charges before Nebraska higher court affecting a murder case.  Legal argument from the DA says “eyewitness” evidence is sufficient to sustain life … Continue reading

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Criminal Justice: Misconduct prosecutors are anonymous in higher court records

Since prosecutor’s can’t be sued because of the SCOTUS Connick immunity decision, redacted or  “confidental” higher courts’ rulings do not name a DA’s misconduct, (see Radley Balko‘s article below) is yet another prong of prosecutorial self protection. No wonder it … Continue reading

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More on the Hair Analysis Caper: The FBI pulls back from admitting fault

My previous blog on this subject of the joint effort by the FBI, the US Department of Justice (it agrees tolling of statute of limitations on case reviews) and the Innocence Project on hair matching cases contains some interesting politically … Continue reading

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Ex-prosecutor gets a suspension for “actions that took the criminal justice system to the abyss”

Let’s just say that the bromance between prosecutors who lie and the justice system rendering oversight to their misdeeds is as strong as ever. A Oklahoma man convicted of murder and placed on death row was later released based on … Continue reading

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50 Years of Judicially Determined BRADY Violations Against Prosecutors are Worthless

This op-ed from the HuffPost’s Radley Balko makes the case that prosecutorial misconduct is a factor in a majority of exoneration cases and exists in other criminal convictions.  The judicial and legal organizational responses to violations of Brady are nil. Legal … Continue reading

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