Allegations of Crime Lab planting evidence may not be enough for reversal of conviction

Planted evidence from a Crime lab (the OJ defense) is not the magic bullet for everyone arguing innocence. Forensic misconduct charges before Nebraska higher court affecting a murder case.  Legal argument from the DA says “eyewitness” evidence is sufficient to sustain life sentence regardless of ex lab director malfeasance.  Here’s the ex lab guy.


Legal minds will toil over the trial record to reach a finding on this appeal. Not surprising,  said analysis will only look at court transcripts. They never go back to ask the original jurors what value they put on the tainted evidence.

Here’s the story snippet.

LINCOLN — Even if an Omaha man serving life for murder could prove a rogue crime scene investigator planted blood in his truck, it might not be enough to set him free.

Richard K. Cook on Wednesday asked the Nebraska Supreme Court to grant him a hearing so he can present evidence that hewas framed by David Kofoed, the former director of Douglas County’s crime lab.

During 20 minutes of oral arguments, the judges returne to a key question: Assuming Kofed fabricated blood evidence, did that evidence ultimately convict Cook?

Read the entire article here. 


A tangled web. The effect of crime lab misconduct to be judged by the judges of Massachusetts.  


Some crime labs are so slow, their customers go to the competition. 


“A Massive Mess of Forensics” From The Agitator


Woes of the Vermont Crime Lab. Article calls it a “struggle.”


The “latest Crime Lab scandal brought to you by  Broward County.” 




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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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