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UK Crime Forensics Mirror US Quagmire of Uncertainties.

The following article is concerned about what this chart from the National Registry of Exonerations has established as the leading causes of wrongful convictions. “Privatisation of forensic services ‘threat to justice’ and putting the work in police hands would be … Continue reading

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Arizona Case of Police Misconduct and a Prosecutor’s Conflicts

This blog on the Milke case from Maricopa County (Sheriff Arpaio’s neighborhood) adds considerable detail to the opposing forces present when a conviction has been remanded for retrial and/or the defendant’s release. Its the same old story. Here’s a partial … Continue reading

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50 Years of Judicially Determined BRADY Violations Against Prosecutors are Worthless

This op-ed from the HuffPost’s Radley Balko makes the case that prosecutorial misconduct is a factor in a majority of exoneration cases and exists in other criminal convictions.  The judicial and legal organizational responses to violations of Brady are nil. Legal … Continue reading

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