UK Crime Forensics Mirror US Quagmire of Uncertainties.

Factors-Exon copy

The following article is concerned about what this chart from the National Registry of Exonerations has established as the leading causes of wrongful convictions.

“Privatisation of forensic services ‘threat to justice’ and putting the work in police hands would be ‘disastrous,’ warn experts”

National Audit Office concerned about supply of crucial DNA and scientific evidence to courts

 Criminal trials could collapse because of a potential failure to supply courts with DNA and scientific evidence following spending cuts and the Government’s troubled privatisation of forensic science services, a new report by the spending watchdog reveals today.

Spending on costly forensic examinations has been cut by more than £20m in the past two years and experts warned of possible miscarriages of justice as police save money by carrying out work within their own laboratories.

Full article is here. 


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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