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Dialogue about Science Peer Review in the Courts : Scientific American : Faigman

This is a “how to do it” from Law Professor David L. Faigman at Hastings of UCBerkeley. He shows an extensive review on where the US courts are on this subject and why they are not always reliable. He has some interesting … Continue reading

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Harvards’ epic article on Innocence Litigation and the woman who exec directs the IP

A true Xmas season story about Maddy deLone who is the heartbeat of the NY  Innocence Project. The challenges of the innocent in prison are described in vivid detail. A worthy and valuable read for those unaware of what “incarceration” does … Continue reading

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Courtney Bisbee Granted Evidentiary Hearing !

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
Courtney Bisbee was a responsible, law-abiding, hard-working single mother working in the Scottsdale, AZ school system in 2004 when she was sucked into the criminal justice system by false allegations of “improper touching” of…

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Bickering Bitemark Analysts need to read this: Chemists’ guidelines and expectations on science

The American Chemical Society has taken a very proactive position in reinforcing scientific standards through its involvement in forensic reform and progress. A notable aspect of this group is its university and industrial component membership base that conforms to legitimate … Continue reading

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Nebraska County payout for crime lab director who resigned after fruitless investigation

Results are almost $200K in settlement, rescinding a 30 day no-salary suspension, and a neutral job reference letter. One can only imagine what the real back-story is on this one.

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Forensics: DNA retest eliminates convicted man. DA says he’s guilty anyway.

This case is certainty bizarre for its facts. A now convicted man is arguing for a new trial. Post conviction DNA re-testing on a gun is the center point. But the guy who got shot was killed by a police officer named Kaufman. … Continue reading

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Fingerprint device captures prints as person walks past

Commerical press release lacks much depth but suggests interesting privacy implications with this just FBI approved optical printing system. “Each ANDI OTG system instantly captures four fingerprints from an individual as they walk past the device.” Im not sure what the … Continue reading

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The odd “reform” coexistence of law enforcement, criminal justice and private forensic orgs

Taking some joy out of Xmas, the Wash Post columnist Radley Balko draws out the pattern of current forensic events focusing on methods review into a broader question. How difficult is it to change multi-governmental institutional culture? He describes how the … Continue reading

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Major US Forensic Lab Scandals by State : The DOJ takes a stab at solution

Originally posted on FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:
Rumblings about mess-ups in US government-run  forensic labs has finally reached the US DOJ. The reliability aspects of who does the “accreditation” is another matter. Thanks to NACDL…

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Innocence Projects’ praise for Texas Forensic Commission’s deep look into bitemarks

The NY Innocence Project talks about this week’s New York Times article which has gone viral on the Net as an example of forensic science “reform” taking place in Texas. The bitemarkers are resorting to innuedos and red herrings to defend … Continue reading

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