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Taking a look USAG Session’s anti-science forensics culture showing up on the internet

Much that is said in this Science 2.0 post are old derisions and hackneyed objections to 1) the advent of DNA establishing that wrong convictions do exist (since 1992) and 2) the rise of the at-large public’s knowledge of 1) … Continue reading

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Turnaround times for rape kit testing are abysmal – Crime labs Forensics overloaded with drugs

Here’s a look at police crime labs around the US abilities to produce timely rape kit testing. One might infer that DNA testing of other crimes and the ‘war on drugs’ has sapped funding capabilities. I don’t hear the US … Continue reading

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Austin Crime Lab woes gets even worse – Pushback against DNA upgrades

Here’s a short bit from why the Austin TX police run crime lab road to recovery just fell off a cliff. The state’s overseers are having resistance to retraining some of the existing employees. As in ………. “a supervisor’s decision … Continue reading

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Looking at how understaffed crime labs prioritize their rape testing

MISSOULA –An investigation by the Montana Board of Crime Control uncovers more than 1,400 sexual assault kits containing victims DNA have gone untested, sitting forgotten in evidence rooms for years. video  A $2 million grant awarded to the Montana Department … Continue reading

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Nebraska County payout for crime lab director who resigned after fruitless investigation

Results are almost $200K in settlement, rescinding a 30 day no-salary suspension, and a neutral job reference letter. One can only imagine what the real back-story is on this one. http://www.kearneyhub.com/news/regional/after-settlement-douglas-county-crime-lab-boss-will-resign-and/article_02c51540-a41b-11e5-81bb-fb0462efa4f2.html

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Forensics: Politicos and Prosecutors run amuck protecting their interests in running US crime labs

A fully developed expose’ by William C. Thompson of the  University of Irvine. He expounds the ‘sub rosa’ motivations of the DC big wigs who this year fired the managers and legal counsel of one of the first independent crime … Continue reading

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