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Another obstinate and proudly relentless prosecutor from Louisiana

On to Louisiana and its about a death penalty conviction for child murder. “Dale Cox (pictured above) was the Louisiana prosecutor against Crawford (the defendant), a case which rested almost exclusively on the testimony of a state forensic pathologist who claimed … Continue reading

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Obstinate Prosecutor pursues new trial in Richards case despite forensics of innocence

Prosecutors have been well described in the media as “dogged’ and “relentless” by exerting punishment and retribution for crimes large and small against our citizenry. But there is a factual line drawn where cases of legitimate doubts are brought forward in post-conviction proceedings … Continue reading

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Unfounded calculation assumptions in LifeCode DNA testimony: 2016 SC ruling in Simmons

VACATED IN PART AND REMANDED A telling tale with highlights of the court’s opine on DNA testimony from the commercial DNA lab LifeCodes reveals what forensic malfeasance or misconduct or “puffing results” really means. Lets say that over selling “science” … Continue reading

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Forensics: Rehab program for academics caught cooking research data shows trends

This is certainly food for thought for those folks who consider academics and researchers above reproach. “Criminality” may be an overstatement in most cases, so maybe “misconduct” could be combined with “ineptitude.”  I’ve seen intellectual dishonesty quite popular with the … Continue reading

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Forensics: Bad grades in DNA lab proficiency tests leads to nastiness in court

Originally posted on FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:
This is an update from yesterday’s report on the SFO crime DNA lab getting hammered for insufficiencies. Full article. The next link is also related to this topic. SFO Distrist…

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The bloom is off forensic DNA’s infallibility – Scientific American

Eric Frimpong and Santa Barbara defense attorney Robert Sanger in 2008. With the FBI making a step to reel in its history of wayward forensic conclusions, Scientific American wades into the “restructuring” of DNA opinions in much the same way. … Continue reading

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Advancing forensic science by the California Supreme Court took 7 years

A “unique bitemark” proved Bill Richards’ guilt 2016 Seven years after being exonerated and 23 years in prison, Bill Richards, due to the CA SC’s most recent opinion, now waits in jail. The DA of San Bernardino County has 60 days … Continue reading

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Forensic Science Reform: Justice Department issues first standards for forensic expert testimony

Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington in Oct. 2015 (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press) The top US government agency involved in funding and management oversight of the FBI forensic science community just put out “guidance”on forensic … Continue reading

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Illinois crime lab responds to state law allowing police to ignore Discovery of forensic testing

Lets just say that the police  “commenting” about a bill passing through the Illinois legislature that supports non-disclosure of crime lab testing processes is similar to police agencies not being forthcoming with police body camera recordings. Besides the fact that the … Continue reading

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Illinois crime lab bill created to seal faulty testing from public view

Cases of government-run crime labs  “hiding” forensic errors and gaffs from criminal defendants and the public got a boost in Illinois this week……We can use this to clearly understand who and how prosecutors and LE PACs control the legislators in … Continue reading

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