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A strange convergence of personal attacks against female experts in the UK

Just saying……. Waney Squier, the neuropathologist got ‘delisted’ on a complaint from the coppers about lying ( aka ‘misleading’) the court. Shirley McKie, a SPA fingerprint expert, got charged for ‘perjury’ (again in court) by the coppers, tried for perjury , … Continue reading

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Flat-earth concepts of Shaken Baby Syndrome shaken by US judge

For the first time, a New York appellate court has ruled that evidence once used to convict people in shaken-baby cases may no longer be scientifically valid. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2016/11/16/ruling-alters-legal-landscape-ny-shaken-baby-cases/93952304/ ► Shaken-baby science questioned ► Changing science a tough sell in court UK … Continue reading

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Despite No dishonesty found after UK witchhunt of Waney Squier : Burking continues

Here is the latest from Dr. Squier saying how she was “targeted”  for her adversarial stance opposing another doubtful forensic method popular with some law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in both the UK and the US. I have a couple comments after … Continue reading

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