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PRESS RELEASE: San Diego man talks about his case-ending exoneration

This is the first information regarding the comments from Uriah Courtney regarding his years in jail and attitude regarding his wrongful conviction. Another notable story is the CIP co-director Justin Brooks and a San Diego DA, Brent Neck’s comments about … Continue reading

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DNA overturns CA conviction which relied on victim influenced by law enforcement

Above is a picture of Uriah Courtney walking out of prison into the arms of his parents. The California Innocence Project at Cal Western Law School is holding a press conference today on the outcome of their efforts to exonerate … Continue reading

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Research on eyewitness, victim and expert recantations after convictions

The University of Michigan continues its investigation into the causes of wrongful convictions via their archive of over 1000 cases where an innocent person was sent to prison. The varied judicial responses to recanting witnesses contained in this 10 page … Continue reading

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