When the medical examiner seems to be, well, a bit off during his dotage, but still works.

Body of Evidence: Forgotten Forensics

What’s clear are the DAs from this state acting as if  that they can “handle” an expert with arguably diminished memory. Wanna bet it depends if his opinion benefits their prosecution? I also doubt that a gatekeeper judge would have precedent to fall onto in regarding an expert who still was licensed, had to his best “ability” participated in so many serious cases, yet had recanted on some of his own previous statements. So, who has the oversight regarding the mental capacity of experts?

What is ironic, is that the criminal justice system uses experts to determine mental capacities of defendants charged with serious crimes. Looking at persons who testify as experts giving “credible” courtroom information is not a huge step.

Imagine the lawyers arguing this one during death penalty litigation.

Meet forensic pathologist Roberto Bayardo

“Nobody knew, either, that Bayardo would go on to make critical missteps, walk back autopsy findings and have an unexpected impact on several major murder cases in the years to come. And nobody knew Bayardo would keep testifying in court after his retirement, and that his memory could potentially present problems in court.”

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About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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