Missing in America: California’s premier Unidentified Persons Unit

  • US Stats: 4,000 unknown human bodies found each year.
  • >1000 remain unidentified after one year.
  • >40,000 human remains exist as ‘unidentified’ in the US.
  • Missing person reports in CA now at 20,000.
  • Unknown bodies in CA exceed 3,000.

I recently attended a two day training seminar sponsored by CA DOJ’s Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit (MUPS) hosted at the Westmister CA police department and was able to do a bit of presenting as well. Many dentists with forensic training are involved with this valuable state agency.

MUPS is the state repository and clearinghouse for missing and unknown person information. Its nine person staff provides an incredible collection of services for law enforcement agencies both at the national an international levels that cover:

  • database management (reporting to federal databases and public access groups.
  • co-investigate using meta-data, open source (NAMUS adults; NCMEC kids) and social media.
  • biometric data (dental, fingerprints, DNA (a separate DOJ section) and photographs.
  • Cold cases.

MUPS contacts. Phone: (916) 210-3119, FAX: (916) 227-3270 EMAIL: missing.persons@doj.ca.gov

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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