A short look at what the Feds don’t like about Science and Forensics

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The application of measurement (metrology) science is well established in the basic sciences. In essence it is the collection of physical data and the study of best methods to improve precision of methods. This paper has a well known fingerprint practitioner and defense attorney giving line-by-line explanations about what the NAS and the PCAST studies meant to be eventually adopted but instead got ham-fisted rejection from high-brow district attorneys and police supported organizations.

Here is an excerpt about forensic “research gaps” and “suitability” of the forensic community being capable of filling those gaps. Some discerning advocates for “science in forensics” think it won’t happen as long as police control the purse strings. These 2 say the necessary science for all the pattern people lays outside the crime labs of the world.

……….the forensic science community has critical research gaps that need to be filled. The forensic science community [3], [12] recognized this; however, the forensic science community is not necessarily best positioned to address these issues [2]. Aside from extraordinary backlogs and significant funding constraints, these issues are most appropriately addressed by independent research entities with specialized knowledge in science, metrology, and statistics. To this end, the forensic science community is in a state of despondency and is reliant on researchers and metrologists, most of whom are unaware of these issues, to invest time and resources to contribute to solving this extremely important problem – a problem that has practical consequences that impact life and liberty within the criminal justice system.

metrology-applied-to-forensic-science-a-call-for-more-forensic-science-metrology-principles-swofford-a (5 pages). A publication of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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