#Forensic News from over the place: scandal deniers, goofs and some research

Researchers have found that the hydrogel’s mostly watery environment helps keep nutrients and programmed bacteria alive and active. When the bacteria reacts to a certain chemical, the bacteria are programmed to light up, as seen on the left.

Opening words at the American Academy of Forensic Science 2017 meeting.

  • Reading about a new crime lab scandal every week, Lentini told the audience, “I’m just embarrassed.” Then read later some quotes from a “founder” and a police forensics website contributor talking about “ten years of bureaucratic wheel-spinning” being employed by “legal activists” as being metaphors for forensic science reform. Pure dreck. Try the National Registry of Exonerations for a counterpoint.

The NYPD, FBI and the NY Medical Examiner’s office can’t seem to get their stories straight on this case. Its about a (duh da duh)…… dead Russian diplomat.

Irish Catholic home for infants and unwed mothers buried 800 bodies in recently discovered unmarked gravesites on its’ property.

‘Fauxrensics’ looks at some myths about DNA  and its role in solving crimes. Short vids on many areas of criminal investigation.

Chemical and bacterial analysis from hydrogel (captured living cells) infused gloves taking shape at MIT.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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