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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.

Dana Delger ’10 Fights to Keep Flawed Forensics From Convicting the Innocent | Columbia Law School

Dana Delger ’10 works as a strategic litigator for the Innocence Project and fights against using flawed forensic evidence, like bite marks, in criminal cases. — Read on These lawyers know how to talk science. No wonder the crime … Continue reading

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#Forensics Getting Better. Ultrasensitive protein method ( might) let scientists ID someone from a single strand of hair | Science | AAAS

Heavily shedding criminals, beware — Read on

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#Forensics Not So Good. Leaked Documents Say Roughly 2,000 NY Prisoners Affected By Erroneous Drug Tests – Gothamist

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Planned Texas execution under unprecedented US and international scrutiny. This article says why.

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Forensics: Dundee and Glasgow take a look at the bitemarkers

Let’s see if prosecutors and the judiciary get the gumption and honesty to see this as the death knell for bitemark flim flam. Congrats to the Scots and Open Access publishing!

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#Forensics: Cop DUI machines busted. 

…..and the police want to do their DNA rapid and inhouse. Yikes.

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#Forensics: Despite cops now using FRT, Government should recommend moratorium on use of facial recognition in Scotland, say academics.

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#Forensics: read the difference between hanging vs strangulation. Special focus on the hyoid bone, cartilage, and vertebral fractures.

By Judy Melinek MD One might infer from this lit review, that the Epstein family’s medical expert has gone WAY OUT on a limb.

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#Forensics: learn something abiut voodoo/conjure and hoodoo – Happy Halloween

Love these OA articles! This study contains good information about cultural aspects of certain crime scenes. Perfect for your day Day of the Dead festivities.

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#Forensics: Contextual bias influences and weak forensic testing results leads to jury overestimation of guilt

When police lab results are weak or ambiguous, juries commonly use non science circumstances to increase its value.

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