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Forensics: Undisclosed Baltimore firearms examiner botched work, police confirm, leaving months of evidence unusable

Nine months worth of work by a veteran Baltimore Police crime lab firearm’s examiner has been compromised and can not be used for analysis, the department confirmed this week. — Read on http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/crime/bs-prem-md-ci-cr-lab-firearms-audit-20210813-ya4xdkhhybf6plwgmeiuyh4xbq-story.html

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Forensics: DC forensic lab under criminal investigation over firearms case

Im sure the lab claimed 100% accuracy. The D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences is under criminal investigation amid allegations that managers at the independent lab pressured analysts to change their conclusions, and then potentially misrepresented findings to its accrediting body, … Continue reading

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Forensics: Battling ballistics experts. Defense expert witness rebuts prosecution’s version of car-to-car shooting

Notice the DA hassles the defense expert who has trouble interpreting an incomplete report from the DOJ ballistics lab. Talk about gaslighting. Must be taught in DA 101 cross examination class. Mar. 12—The defense began presenting its case on Thursday … Continue reading

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Gun crime labs micro-critique of the PCAST report

The Association of Firearm and Toolmarkers [AFTE] focus on defending ballistic matching via alluding “black-box” studies (one of PCAST’s references) are not representative of the entire group. They also point to in-house reliability testing as a substitute. Overall, this public statement … Continue reading

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Ballistics runs aground in TX. Its Forensic Comm ferrets out another mini-scandal

This all started from a complaint filed by a solo lawyer from Texas. The complaint sounds strikingly similar to the Steve Chaney bitemark complaint that led to the shoot-down of the dentists training and teaching bitemarks at UTSA and elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Back and forth in court about raising technical instrumentation ballistic standards

  Does this picture have J. Edgar Hoover and Shirley Temple doing a bullet comp? A prosecutor takes exception to a defense ballistics guy saying higher definition imaging improves accuracy in bullet and rifling comparisons. The guy states that crime labs … Continue reading

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Forensic Focus | Bitemarks on Death Row

Fridays’ FORENSIC FOCUS LINKS @csidds | Feb 21| Bitemarks on death row, crime lab backlogs a threat to public safety, breaking stats on hate crimes, What’s trending today. The biggest problem with forensic science is that’s there is almost NO information … Continue reading

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