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Gun crime labs micro-critique of the PCAST report

The Association of Firearm and Toolmarkers [AFTE] focus on defending ballistic matching via alluding “black-box” studies (one of PCAST’s references) are not representative of the entire group. They also point to in-house reliability testing as a substitute. Overall, this public statement … Continue reading

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Ballistics runs aground in TX. Its Forensic Comm ferrets out another mini-scandal

This all started from a complaint filed by a solo lawyer from Texas. The complaint sounds strikingly similar to the Steve Chaney bitemark complaint that led to the shoot-down of the dentists training and teaching bitemarks at UTSA and elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Back and forth in court about raising technical instrumentation ballistic standards

  Does this picture have J. Edgar Hoover and Shirley Temple doing a bullet comp? A prosecutor takes exception to a defense ballistics guy saying higher definition imaging improves accuracy in bullet and rifling comparisons. The guy states that crime labs … Continue reading

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Forensic Focus | Bitemarks on Death Row

Fridays’ FORENSIC FOCUS LINKS @csidds | Feb 21| Bitemarks on death row, crime lab backlogs a threat to public safety, breaking stats on hate crimes, What’s trending today. The biggest problem with forensic science is that’s there is almost NO information … Continue reading

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