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Overbearing DAs are an abomination to society professing justice for all (or some in these cases)

Putting innocent crime victims in jail crosses the moral line into the grotesque Inquistorial traditions of torture and victim humiliation. https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/why-are-prosecutors-putting-innocent-witnesses-in-jail

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Deeper look at how prosecutors “ambush” criminal defendants with faulty forensics

………or do not turn over the forensics at all. It’s as if they never went to law school and took Evidence 101. DAs rarely get sanctioned or disciplined afterwards although recently, a Long Island DA got fired.  Mistrial granted on … Continue reading

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NY County Prosecutor accused of doing the dirty deed in 15 drug cases

This looks bad in the press and I bet the judge won’t be happy either. Withholding evidence in 15 cases? excerpt from Syracuse, Cayuga county, NY. AUBURN, N.Y. – Tyrone Matthews could’ve been sentenced to 23 more years in prison … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Appellate Opine: Lying Prosecutors Not Immune

The 9th US Circuit Court in San Francisco just rearmed the judiciary with an opinion to prosecute DAs who tell lies to juries. This is usually done via “incentivised” snitches or witnesses. This look into one specific case that energized … Continue reading

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