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Scientific Terminology Explained | Forensic Science in North Carolina

If you’d like to learn more about scientific terminology, Duke Law student Logan Johnson interviewed toxicologist Dr. Jay Gehlhausen about terminology that attorneys might encounter when reviewing scientific evidence. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between reproducibility and … Continue reading

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Forensics Canada: Bitemarkers run amok; Courts and DAs prefer case precedence over science.

This is a 50 page UBC Law Review narrative on the inadequacies of courts to recognize junk “forensic” experts. Battling Canadian bitemarkers leave a trail of exaggerated claims and criminal case law that is blind to scientific principles. SSRN-id3201061   … Continue reading

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Forensic tap-dancing at its best Crime Lab Director Says Too Busy to Search for Forensic Science Errors R. Scott MoxleyJuly 11, 2018 Illustration by Bill Hunt Bruce Houlihan enjoys puzzles, but the Orange County Crime Lab director is purposely failing to solve one of … Continue reading

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NIJ Forensics 2018: page 10 deprecates exonerations from criminal convictions aided by unvalidated methods

The US federal look on the forensic issues relating to convictions of innocent defendants is on page 10. Its mostly platitudes and clearly misdirects the reader to consider that stats used by innocence litigators are flawed. The article’s mainstays are, … Continue reading

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Forensics: Non-destructive cytology used to ID crime specimens before DNA testing

This looks to optimize the recognition of crime scene biological samples prior to performing high cost DNA analysis.

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Forensic in the News – NY Legal Aid Society

Click on the above to read about “pattern-matching’ forensics. Of course bitemarks are #1. Where’s the commitment to correcting past flawed forensics?? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced new DOJ policies on forensic science this week during a speech at … Continue reading

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Cop Forensic Fail – DNA collection compliance sketchy to non-existent

This is in South Carolina. Police in each county are mandated to collect from suspected felons. Some do and some don’t. Here’s why data collection by law enforcement should contain large numbers of profiles in order to have proper racial … Continue reading

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UK judicial system seems to be strangling on budget cuts and court closures

Of course , this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Internet savvy barristers talk about being pressured to accept cases for very little reimbursement. Automation in scheduling appearances, testimony and adjudication by non-lawyers in petty cases describes a … Continue reading

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Time Since Intercourse (TSI) 48 and 15 hours. 

Vaginal and oral sites

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A partial look at fingerprint error distribution : False Exclusions only studied

I do think ‘false positives’ have been eradicated from police crime lab vernacular. This FSI article went after “false negatives’ as they say their literature is all about ‘individuation.’ Seems a bit non-sequitor to me as their study is in … Continue reading

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