A look at the promotion of new forensics – Hair news release

American Chemical Society, Chemistry for Life ®

I just love how things have changed in the forensic science arena. One can all of a sudden go from some preliminary studies on human hair protein analysis (aka amino acid content) and then take it on the road to promote its use with merely a sound byte. The core target of this study in the ACS press conference is to reveal ‘leads’ to ‘the life style of prospective criminals’ for investigative uses but not necessarily ‘identification.’

To be fair, the only way forensic science can get funded is to join the pantheon of being ‘tough on crime.’ Funding to promote proper replication studies of popularized police ‘sciences’ in order to prevent their contributing to false convictions is not on NIJ/DOJ agendas. In fact, the USDOJ king pins aren’t concerned about such minor things as the scientific method. Although there is an NIJ public conference going on next week about the statistical underpinnings of forensic opinions presented in US criminal courts.


And here is another article of similar forensic promotion. 



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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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