The Forensic Science Weekly: The strange, disturbing and “appalling.”

When the “elite” of the FBI fall from “grace.” Op-ed. I might also used the term “arrogant.”

A recent news release states a new law enforcement think-tank-forensic-institute will “shore-up” hair comparisons and bitemarks.” This totally ignores the physical limitations of hair and skin that prevents scientifically reliable “matching” studies. ISU to house center studying forensic sciences

Excellent review on “Grits for Breakfast” about forensic errors in Texas and efforts to expand solutions to banning false premise based forensic science. Mentions a newly passed California law that was generated by a ridiculous bitemark case.

Cops telling cops why they should submit sexual assault kits for DNA. Read item #4. Strange this is necessary. Maybe some of the 16000 police departments in the US haven’t gotten the message. Read more.

Forensics: People finally trying to validate blood spatter. Considered by some to be aka “reading tea leaves.” Read more.

When the experts disagree. Not all DNA cases open and shut. Read more.

Put of Prison, Out of Luck. Read more.

DC Adviser Resigns Claiming MASSIVE Foul Play In DNA Lab Management Firings.  Read more.

When expert testimony isn’t: … Tainted evidence contains “conclusions misstating empirical data or has no empirical data” wreaks havoc in courts. Read more.

Sixth man exonerated in Ilinois’ Lake county (near Chicago) since 2010. One is a bitemark case where the prosecution’s dentists got litigious (to no effect) over an AAFS public presentation  on the subject of wrongful convictions and forensic dentistry. 


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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