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Forensics: Prosecutor and crime lab workers not immune to civil rights suit: 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Nothing much more to say, than, OMG. Everyone expects this to get moved upstream to the US Supremes. They have said “nay nay” to these lawsuits since the Connick v. Thompson SCOTUS decision. (originally from Louisiana). This plantiff is named Armstrong. … Continue reading

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A California District Attorney Gets the Judicial Hammer for Misconduct

There are calls for DOJ to investigate this event. It’s a big scandal. Here is a snippet about the Orange Co Prosecutor’s trail of bad faith actions in the court system. He just got booted from a terrible mass shooting … Continue reading

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Efforts to rid court system of outdated and flawed forensic “expertise”

Old Convictions, New Science Texas tackles debunked forensics. This legislative process in Texas reflects how the monolithic (i.e huge) US criminal justice system “repairs” itself. I use the word “repair” very loosely in that people have to be injured, killed … Continue reading

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