Forensics: Prosecutor and crime lab workers not immune to civil rights suit: 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Nothing much more to say, than, OMG. Everyone expects this to get moved upstream to the US Supremes. They have said “nay nay” to these lawsuits since the Connick v. Thompson SCOTUS decision. (originally from Louisiana).

This plantiff is named Armstrong.

“Armstrong alleges a shocking course of prosecutorial misconduct,” the court wrote. “According to the complaint, the prosecutor quickly fixated on Armstrong as the murderer and sought to build a case against him by any means necessary.

“Those means included destroying potentially exculpatory evidence from the crime scene, arranging for the highly suggestive hypnosis of an eyewitness, contriving suggestive show – ups for identification, and concealing a later confession from the true killer that was relayed by a person with no apparent motive to fabricate the report.

“Finally, the prosecutor enlisted state lab technicians to perform an inconclusive DNA test that consumed the last of a sample that could have proven Armstrong’s innocence and pointed to the true killer. If these allegations are true — and some are based on the state court’s factual findings — the prosecution of Armstrong was a single – minded pursuit of an innocent man that let the real killer to go free.”

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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