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Testimony of an FBI hair analyst

Nothing cuts through the current hyperbole of forensic science reform debates and counter debates than reading what the “elite” of the FBI hair comparison people actually said in US courtrooms. The following is testimonial evidence from an actual case. Things … Continue reading

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The Forensic Science Weekly: The strange, disturbing and “appalling.”

When the “elite” of the FBI fall from “grace.” Op-ed. I might also used the term “arrogant.” A recent news release states a new law enforcement think-tank-forensic-institute will “shore-up” hair comparisons and bitemarks.” This totally ignores the physical limitations of hair … Continue reading

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Forensics: Conference makes demands that FBI correct its crime lab mistakes | US Senator Blumenthal and Henry Lee video

Read and view video of this Connecticut conference. Blumenthal “chilled and appalled.” Read more.  

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NC Governor proudly pardons white collar over those found factually innocent and incarcerated for decades

Nothing speaks louder than the blind eye of politicians who care little to nothing about men and woman needing financial assistance after being exonerated after years of incarcerated. NC Governor McCrory takes all the credit for using his pardon powers … Continue reading

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Ray Krone’s Exoneration from bitemark evidence: THE INSIDE STORY @csidds

Photo by: Heidi Huber/AP This picture has Ray Krone ( left) immediately after his release from AZ prison in 2000. Part of his story is below, which develops the persona of the Prosecutor Noel Levy who put Ray on  death … Continue reading

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An Exoneration and Outdated CSI Forensics Equals a BAD Day for Two Forensic Science Experts

The topic of personal liability for forensic expert witnesses has been around for a couple of decades. I am not talking about an expert being sued by his/her client for negligent actions in the course of the employment (traditionally this … Continue reading

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The best mass media research on prosecutorial misconduct: Radley Balko on Huffington

I couldn’t pass this up. Anyone interested in a lengthy but VERY thorough deconstruction of prosecutors’ history of self serving misuse and abuse of their powers and the judiciary’s (specifically the US Supreme Court) demoralizing actions to preserve this imbalance. … Continue reading

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Arizona Case of Police Misconduct and a Prosecutor’s Conflicts

This blog on the Milke case from Maricopa County (Sheriff Arpaio’s neighborhood) adds considerable detail to the opposing forces present when a conviction has been remanded for retrial and/or the defendant’s release. Its the same old story. Here’s a partial … Continue reading

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DNA overturns CA conviction which relied on victim influenced by law enforcement

Above is a picture of Uriah Courtney walking out of prison into the arms of his parents. The California Innocence Project at Cal Western Law School is holding a press conference today on the outcome of their efforts to exonerate … Continue reading

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The “equitable balance” of constitutional rights faces off with legal procedural technicalities

This op-ed politely discusses the dis-connect between what the Supreme Court considers their “view” of constitutional rights (really a procedural statute of limitations argument) without touching on the personal rights and privileges of the inmate seeking a review of eyewitness … Continue reading

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