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Forensics in Focus | March 24. |

Forensics In Focus @csidds for March 24, 2014 Radley Balko takes the stage with his ‘Morning Links” at Washington Post’s’ “The Watch.” He hits on criminal justice, MRAPS for local law enforcement, and one more amazing forensic related fact. As … Continue reading

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Press Release | Forensic Science Misconduct: A Dark and Cautionary Tale | @csidds

Don’t expect a “whodunnit” version of CSI victories in this Op-ed blog article about a darker side of the forensic sciences. It is from an author with ample forensic credentials and experience from both within and outside criminal courts of … Continue reading

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Forensic Testimony: Once again, exoneration cases support unreliability of experts trial opinions

Take some time (or more than one visit to get through the information) and follow this link (Forensic Testimony) to a greater understanding on why credibility for some forensic experts is waning or finally being extinguished. The chart posted above … Continue reading

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More on the Hair Analysis Caper: The FBI pulls back from admitting fault

My previous blog on this subject of the joint effort by the FBI, the US Department of Justice (it agrees tolling of statute of limitations on case reviews) and the Innocence Project on hair matching cases contains some interesting politically … Continue reading

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Research on eyewitness, victim and expert recantations after convictions

The University of Michigan continues its investigation into the causes of wrongful convictions via their archive of over 1000 cases where an innocent person was sent to prison. The varied judicial responses to recanting witnesses contained in this 10 page … Continue reading

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