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President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Seeks Forensic Info

PCAST Forensic Science Questions PCAST consists of 20 of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers, appointed by the President to provide direct advice to him and the White House on important matters of science and technology. PCAST has recently begun … Continue reading

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U of AZ Science Professor posits bitemark clique as “junk” on eve of TX hearing

UA Professor Tackles Faulty Courtroom Science [Image] Steven Mark Chaney recently walked out of a Dallas courtroom after his 1987 conviction was overturned because of discredited bite-mark testimony. (Photo: Innocence Project) Today, the Texas Forensic Science Commission hears more testimony … Continue reading

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Innocence Project investigators uncover cache of bitemark cases suppressed by the bite-mark believers

All this started about two months ago. While denying scientific realities and protocols combined with a history of damaging the US criminal justice system, the AAFS/ABFO recently powered up to oppose Texas looking into their dental courtroom activities. The Forensic Science Commission was made in 2013 … Continue reading

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Texas Forensic Sci Commission puts some pressure on the major National DNA crime lab qualification company

The first is from the FSC putting demands on the American Society of Crime Lab Directors regarding their customer crime labs following proper standards for stats handling DNA samples from multiple sources (mixtures). http://www.fsc.texas.gov/sites/default/files/L_fr%20DiMaio%20FINAL%20ASCLD%20Announcement%20DNA%20Mixture%2009302015.pdf The second is from the ASCLD … Continue reading

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Soon coming to the state you live in: Retesting of thousands of convictions helped by DNA

ADVANCES IN DNA TESTING COULD PUT THOUSANDS OF TEXAS CASES IN LEGAL LIMBO The above image is incredibly evocative. My blog on this came out September 21, 2015. thanks to the September 19, 2015 Grits for Breakfast blog from TX and … Continue reading

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US judiciary has blinders on when its allows egregious use of junk experts regardless of Constitutional protections

Even when exoneration cases have proven forensic experts wrong (the first 200 exons had a 57% error rate of the participating forensic types :Brandon Garrett, Judging Innocence, 108 COLUMBIA L. REV. 55, 107 (2007)), the US courts’ reliance on precedent … Continue reading

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How to Hold Bad Prosecutors Accountable: The Case for a Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct

Why not create a standing commission on Forensic Science Integrity in New York as well? One  exists in Texas and is auditing the effects of flawed microscopic hair and bitemark matching in past cases. Much to the chagrin and ire … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another case of a “recaptured” bitemark showing “unique” features matching one man in the world.

This comes in three parts: Part One This is the long range photo of a bitemark determined so by two ABFO bitemark dentists Michael Sobel and Tom David. Here is a color closeup on the left and a UV picture … Continue reading

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WHITE HOUSE appeal of bitemark aided execution was ignored in 2011.

Bitemark aided TX conviction and later execution of Humberto Leal in 2011 ignored direct appeal from the White House.  The US Supreme Court id nothing mcuh. Then Governor Rick Perry rejected defense plea for claim of ineffectiveness of counsel and … Continue reading

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The rise of the Innocence Project was based on DNA and a fractured system of forensic science

I have been perusing threads in the press concerning dialogue of forensic practitioners about the gaps and misapplications of their forensics in the US criminal justice system.  There aren’t many.  For the most part, there are a vocal few within the forensic communities … Continue reading

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