How to Hold Bad Prosecutors Accountable: The Case for a Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct

Why not create a standing commission on Forensic Science Integrity in New York as well? One  exists in Texas and is auditing the effects of flawed microscopic hair and bitemark matching in past cases. Much to the chagrin and ire of a few Texan bite mark matchers. The recent hearing in Texas had two renowned Texas Medical Examiners quoting their position on bitemark evidence.

“Commenting on the broad scope of the investigation, Presiding Officer Dr. Vincent DiMaio said, “we’re talking about the whole field, the validity of the field of bite marks.”

“Dr. Nizam Peerwani, a commission member and the chief medical examiner in Tarrant County, said his agency abandoned the practice more than two decades ago. He recalled one instance in which a dentist identified a bite mark that turned out to be an injury from a crow bar. “We have no respect, absolutely no regard for bite marks,” Peerwani said.”

Onto the prosecutors in NY.

From the The Daily Beast.

“Plagued by misconduct, New York is considering the establishment of independent review boards for prosecutors, just like the one for judges. Its about time.

American prosecutors are powerful officials. They have the power to deprive people of their liberty, destroy their reputations, and even take away their lives. They have virtually unlimited discretion in how they exercise their powers.”

Comment: This theme runs parallel to a recent csidds post on the same subject of pros misconduct the feds are working on. Some DAs wandering afar from their ethical guidelines


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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