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Forensics: Opinion piece publishing warnings abt weak forensic document examiners wins defamation appeal in 7th Circuit

This look at forensic entitlement leading to frivolous litigation shows the gap between forensics and legitimate scientific advance. — Read on

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Forensic tap-dancing at its best Crime Lab Director Says Too Busy to Search for Forensic Science Errors R. Scott MoxleyJuly 11, 2018 Illustration by Bill Hunt Bruce Houlihan enjoys puzzles, but the Orange County Crime Lab director is purposely failing to solve one of … Continue reading

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Obama Left Forensic Science Reform At the Altar

That’s according to Radley Balko at the Washington Post. He sums up the missed opportunity for the outgoing US president to push his Attorney General Lynch and the FBI’s Comey to open a proper dialogue after the PCAST report from … Continue reading

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SF Police Chief Loses a $2M grant for rape kits. His Crime lab is “maxed out.” Plus Murder around the world.

S.F. Police Chief Greg Suhr during a news conference speaks about an audit of the crime lab’s DNA unit, which has come under fire for faking results, as well as other police misconduct, at the Hall of Justice, Friday, April … Continue reading

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FORGET CSI: A Disaster Is Happening In America’s Crime Labs

Media reports about 2 crime lab scandals per month. Its all about “stealin an cheatin and liein” Headline story from April 2014. Its about bungling in crime labs all associated with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. By Jordan Smith … Continue reading

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