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#Forensics scandal – Reinstated Scottish fingerprint expert gets the boot – again

Is there a common source for these prints? Shirley McKie was and maybe still is, a fingerprint detective with a Scottish police agency. In the late 90’s she was part of a murder investigation that centered on identifying the man … Continue reading

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A short look at what the Feds don’t like about Science and Forensics

The application of measurement (metrology) science is well established in the basic sciences. In essence it is the collection of physical data and the study of best methods to improve precision of methods. This paper has a well known fingerprint … Continue reading

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From the Forensic Regulator – Code of Ethics and Standards – #AAFS2017

“My aim is that all forensic science provided to the CJS is of the required level of quality; the quality standards are set out in detail in these Codes.” Dr. Gillian Tully, the UK Forensic Regulator. Notable in this extensive … Continue reading

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Making Sense of DNA Genetics – #AAFS2017 – Epigenetics is mentioned

This is a primer-level (being in a brochure format) look on the subject and has some gaps as far as interpretation of DNA partial profiles and mixtures but admits that, even with algorithmic software, there still is human interpretation in … Continue reading

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Awesome list of recent NY Times articles about forensic science and police #AAFS2017

All of this is newsworthy and bridges forensic science, enforcement and criminal justice. Includes multiple pages of archives. Topics on page one: Maggots Familial DNA in crime and civil rights Crime scene photography of the deceased. Christina Cattaneo identifying migrants … Continue reading

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Todays’ Latest Forensics and Law Info from the Web #AAFS2017

Immigration heroes from the past. The Royal College of Surgeons from 1938. “I am a refugee from Nazi oppression.” Florida finger-print “expert” on the hot seat. Thousands of lawyers notified.  Mr. Palacio is an 18 year crime lab veteran. Epigenetic DNA … Continue reading

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Microorganisms at crime scene to Identify PPL?

Can you imagine collecting this info at a Chuck e Cheese crime scene? OMG. As usual, “detection outstrips interpretation” according to @maxmhouck. $600 thousand NIJ grant. 

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Crime lab mess redux: Now it’s Alaska’s $90M boondoggle

These stories just keep coming ……. It seems the public’s confidence in the  “theory(ies) of crime detection” appears to be eroding from top ( governmental PCAST deniers) to the bottom. Take your pick on the bottom. Wanna try “Making a … Continue reading

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Disproportionate number of minorities in DNA databases misdirects cases

Here is a lede from the New York Legal Aid Society about the slowly trending use of racially skewed DNA bases being LEO searched for relatives of suspects. (More news below). The limitations of familial DNA also made headlines in … Continue reading

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The occasionally bizarre world of forensics in 2016 – Its a parallel universe

Since bitemarks don’t work, let’s use them for exonerations. Some prosecutors are just beyond funny. This NDAA president’s recent illogical support saying bitemarks in criminal investigations and court are capable of determining whether a person is NOT guilty of violent crime … Continue reading

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