The occasionally bizarre world of forensics in 2016 – Its a parallel universe

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  1. Since bitemarks don’t work, let’s use them for exonerations. Some prosecutors are just beyond funny. This NDAA president’s recent illogical support saying bitemarks in criminal investigations and court are capable of determining whether a person is NOT guilty of violent crime is shockingly stupid. According to him that means the bitemarkers can tell the police who is innocent of crime. Just like DNA. Incredible.
  2. The Orange County California Prosecutor says now all is well in his kingdom and has invited the US Department of Justice to prove him right. He must not have read this.
  3. Ten weird forensic cases (long read) around the world. 
  4. 10 Forensic myths perpetrated by CSI TV shows.  The usual standard stuff.
  5.  Bitemarks are still being taught in Texas (scroll down). For a minor fee: “Tuition is $14,500 plus travel, lodging and meal expenses, supplies and incidentals.”          Classes.
  6. The FBI and DOJ Vow to Continue Using Junk Science Rejected by White House Report.
  7.  The junk science wrongful convictions keep rolling in.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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