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False forensic testing adds to growing mistrust of cops, their labs and prosecutors

A couple of telling articles call again for the public to understand how the relationship between cops , their crime labs and prosecutors lead to false convictions via intimidating suspects into pleading guilty via misused field testing kits. Barry Scheck … Continue reading

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“Field tests” of forensic evidence a presumptive disaster: inaccuracies prejudice 1000’s

The genesis of forensic analysis or “testing in the field” probably goes back to….. Sherlock Holmes  Criminal sleuthing at a crime scene or during an investigatory “police stop” is a popular topic in the forensic science commercial laboratory R&D industry. Taking the … Continue reading

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The bloom is off forensic DNA’s infallibility – Scientific American

Eric Frimpong and Santa Barbara defense attorney Robert Sanger in 2008. With the FBI making a step to reel in its history of wayward forensic conclusions, Scientific American wades into the “restructuring” of DNA opinions in much the same way. … Continue reading

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Illinois crime lab responds to state law allowing police to ignore Discovery of forensic testing

Lets just say that the police  “commenting” about a bill passing through the Illinois legislature that supports non-disclosure of crime lab testing processes is similar to police agencies not being forthcoming with police body camera recordings. Besides the fact that the … Continue reading

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Washington DC crime lab continues to coverup its law enforcement bungles

    Backstory before the story about guns walking away from the DC crime lab. After a sweetheart period with its “independence” from LEO management via its multi-million dollar facility up grade and hiring forensic scientist Max Houck to run … Continue reading

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Thrifty Scot government looking for new customers for its spanking new crime lab

Taking a look at next year’s budget, and a $75M crime lab investment, the Scottish police chiefs are looking to offer their forensic services to other jurisdictions and customers. https://www.holyrood.com/articles/news/police-chiefs-keen-share-forensic-services-other-agencies-boost-income

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Forensics : Montana State crime lab gets some positive PR, then this happens.

Here we go again…. Local media loves PR releases from chief Prosecutors and crime lab directors who talk about improvements to their response times for forensic analyses.  It’s titled “The Reality of the Montana State Crime Lab.” It was first posted … Continue reading

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Messing with drug evidence gets a DA reviewing 300 closed cases in Oregon

Tampered drug evidence in Oregon crime lab investigation continues. So far, 7 cases will be dismissed. More work will be needed for DA to finish hundreds of case reviews. Defense attorneys probably will run big objections to cases not dismissed … Continue reading

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Forensics: Incredible story of junk Canadian commercial lab ruining lives

This is unbelievable. Well, not really. We can add to the list of state run forensic labs who kow-tow to prosecutors needing felony drug possession convictions. How families lost custody of their children. https://news.vice.com/article/this-canadian-lab-spent-20-years-ruining-lives

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Forensics: Elemental Chemistry gets further into criminal investigations

Tracking Movements With Isotopes Remember your Chemistry classes? Salt Lake County homicide detective Todd Park was in Reno, Nevada, for a conference about serial killers in 2007 when he first heard about what he calls “the isotope stuff.” A colleague … Continue reading

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